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26 June 2018

Mixed Media - Metallic Spider


I'm a weirdo and I like it. I love to make weird crafty things and, as my bestie Phoebe is a weirdo too, I decided to make something really weird for her. I hope you don't think it si disgusting... or that it frightens you too much.


Soy un bicho raro y me gusta. Me encanta hacer cosas raras y, como mi mejor amiga Phoebe es un bicho raro también, decidí hacer algo realmente raro para ella. Espero que no pienses que es desagradable... o que te asuste demasiado.

I love spiders, Salticidae species to be more exact. They're super cute, really tiny, with big lovely eyes and jump like no other animal in the world. Maybe you think you've never seen any, but 'm sorry to say you surely have some living in your house. Don't panic! They're harmless to humans and will eat mosquitoes. Don't tell me they're not cute!

Me encantan las arañas, las especies Salticidae para ser más exactos. Son muy monas, realmente diminutas, con grandes ojazos y saltan como ningún otro animal en el mundo. Quizá pienses que nunca has visto ninguna, pero siento decirte que seguramente tienes algunas viviendo en tu casa. No te asustes! Son inofensivas para los humanos y se comen los mosquitos. No me digas que no son monas!

But let's talk about the project. I started adding texture to my spider with different products: paper texture paste, art stones, thread and rust effect paste. Then I covered everything with black gesso. I used several acrylic metallic paints to get a cool look and, once dry, I applied different waxes to highlight the textures.

Pero hablemos del proyecto. Empecé añadiendo textura a mi araña con diferentes productos: pasta de textura de papel, piedrecitas, hilo y pasta de efecto oxidado. Después lo cubrí todo con gesso negro. Utilicé varias pinturas acrílicas metalizadas para conseguir un aspecto chulo y, una vez seco, apliqué diferentes ceras para realzar las texturas.

To give it an interesting look, I created a spiral pattern on the abdomen with stones and microbeads. I also give her a crown made with glass glitter... it's a spider queen!!

Para darle un aspecto interesante, creé un patron en espiral en el abdomen con piedrecitas y micro bolitas. También  le di una corona hecha con cristalitos... es una araña reina!!

You can watch full tutorial on my YouTube channel.
Puedes ver el tutorial completo en mi canal de YouTube.

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These are the products I've used in this project:
Estos son los productos que he utilizado en este proyecto:

* Decopatch: Ref. AP1360
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Heavy Body Gel
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Soft Matte Gel
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Art Stones & Mini Art Stones
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Paper Texture Paste
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Rust Effect Paste (Grey)
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Acrylic Paint, Metallique (Dark Velvet, Crocus Fields, 
Midnight Sky, Ice Queen)
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Acrylic Paint, Opal Magic (Green-Velvet)
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Metallique Wax (Old Silver)
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Opal Magic Wax (Blue Velvet)
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Antique Brillance Wax (Amethyst Magic, Mystic Turquoise)
* Prima ~ Finnabair: Glass Glitter (Violet, Pearl)
* mini pebbles / semi esferas
thread / hilo
microbeads / mini bolitas


  1. I absolutely LOVE your beautiful little purple spider! ♥

    1. Thank you!!! It means a lot to me that my little creature is loved. :D

  2. Oh spiders. I think they are fascinating and cannot bring myself to harm them. It's not unusual to see me carrying one outside that I scooped up. Better odds of survival than being squished or smashed. Your spider is sure to make your friend smile. :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Wendy. I must admit that I let them living inside the house if they are small, hehehehe... Almost like pets. XD


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